Se Ikuriddo Chronicle (セイクリッド・クロニクル) Volume 01 Illustrations

Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-56-41 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-57-33 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-57-35 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-57-38 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-57-46 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-57-48 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-57-51 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-58-21 Screenshot_2015-09-02-13-58-46 Screenshot_2015-09-17-17-52-39 Screenshot_2015-09-17-17-53-49 Screenshot_2015-09-17-17-54-32 Screenshot_2015-09-17-17-56-30 Screenshot_2015-09-17-18-09-13 Screenshot_2015-09-17-18-11-12 Screenshot_2015-09-17-18-12-23 Screenshot_2015-09-17-18-13-16


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