Light Novel Review: “Asagao” When Hikaru was on the Earth

The August Hail

After ignoring all of his calls, Koremitsu heads to the Saotome residence, out of concern for Aoi. There he sees Asai Saiga scolding Aoi for avoiding contact with her. Koremitsu approaches Asai, only to get quickly insulted. Koremitsu and Hikaru both notice her weak condition and offers to help. However she denies Koremitsu, shoving him away. Tumbling weakly back and forth, Asai hears a vibration and checks the caller on her phone. Koremitsu overhears Asai mumbling to herself about the “Asagao Princess” before disappearing from Koremitsu’s sight.

Hearing those words, Hikaru suddenly kneels down to Koremitsu and begs him:

“Please fulfill my initial promise with Asa in my place no matter what.”

Welcome to Volume 6 of When Hikaru was on the Earth.


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