Ikki and Stella’s sex scene

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Translation Blog

Here you go, part 5 of the commissioned Translation

Credits Tigoris Translates for the TL

AP24 for the editing and revising.

She’s here.”

The voice came from the opposite side of where Shizuku was sitting. When Ikki turned his head, there were figures of Arisuin sitting on a folding chair and Stella lying in a bed like him.

“It looks like even someone like Stella would be sleeping soundly at this time.”


Ikki looked closely at Stella who was lying down. Her breathing when asleep was normal and her complexion was good. It seemed she had suffered no lasting damage.

“Thank goodness.”

“Says the guy that cut her down.”

“D-Don’t phrase it in an unpleasant way….”

“Ufufu, I’m sorry.” As he apologized, Arisuin stood up from his chair. Then, he started to speak to Shizuku. “Well then, Ikki has woken up so should we return to the hotel about…

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